Green Woods Charter School Music Program
Exploring music and its many forms, and helping you to find your musical sense of self

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words, and that which cannot remain silent"

Music isn't just a singular element. Music is a language. It's a medium that gives voice to those looking to express themselves in a way that words cannot. This year, we are fine tuning our understanding of music as an art form, while also finding our own unique voice and sound in music. 

Musical Opportunities

This year we will be hosting quite a few different performances here at the school. We will be having our second annual Yule Log, Talent Show, and Art and Music Showcase, as well as continuing the cultivation of our choral program. We will also begin instituting in-school piano lessons.

The Choral Program

Green Woods' choral program consists of two choirs; our middle school group (Nature's Harmony) and our elementary school group (Marvelous Melodies). The students meet about once a week to study and practice music from various genres, cultures, and eras. 

School Events

Throughout the school year, there are various events that take place to allow the students to express their artistic freedom. From the Yule Log, to the Talent Show, all leading up to the Showcase at the end of the year, and our choir concert. 

Piano Studio

The Piano Studio is this year's new endeavor. A select group of students will be chosen from grades 3-8 to learn how to play the piano. 

Classroom music notices and announcements

Assignment notices/reminders can be found here! 

Save the Date!!!!!

2019 Spring Art and Music Showcase

"I Love the 80's"

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Morning Show: K-4 and Parents- 9:00AM

Afternoon Show: 5-8 and Parents- 1:00PM

You are cordially invited to the second annual Green Woods Charter School Spring Art and Music Showcase.

Just like last year, we will be hosting two shows, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both shows will be the same, but for parking and seating purposes we are inviting K-4 families to the morning show, starting at 9AM. 5-8 families are invited to the afternoon show, starting at 1PM. The art showcase will be set up in the cafeteria, please feel free to peruse prior to or after the music concert. This year's theme for the concert will be "I Love the 80's". Each grade will be performing songs from the 80's. We ask that you prepare your child to come in their "80's best!", and if you'd like, feel free to join them and come in YOUR 80's best as well to support! Doors will be open at 8:30AM for the morning show, and 12:30PM for the afternoon show. We are so excited to share our students' amazing talent. We hope to see you there!


Thank You!!!

Thank you to everyone that came out to support the music program's performance season. The Art and Music Showcase and the Choral Concert both had excellent turnouts and the amount of support for the program has been truly beautiful. We can only get bigger and better from here! Here's to next year!

Coming soon: 

This is where you can find important dates for the music program throughout the school year!

Dates for June: 

June 3- AYV Rehearsal (AYV Choir Participants Only)

June 4- AYV Choral Festival (7PM at the Liacouras Center on Temple University Campus)

June 13- Last Day of School