About Me
A glimpse at who I am, and what's to come

My name is Ian Martin and I teach music
I received my Bachelor's Degree in Music Education, with a concentration in voice, from West Chester University (WCU). I was the winner of the 2009 Parry Junior Voice Scholarship Competition, as well as an honor soloist for the West Chester University Symphony Orchestra. I love making music, and I strive to bring that passion to my work every day as an educator, and I hope to inspire the same passion in my students. 

This is my seventh year of teaching music, and my second year here at Green Woods. It has been a tremendous pleasure working here, and I'm truly excited for all of the things to come this year, as we continue to build the music program into what it should be. 

What's to come?

Last year, the focus for the year was strengthening theoretical knowledge, while continuing to build on the information previously instilled. This year, we will be exploring our own musical identity through experimentation with different styles, sounds and genres. There will be various projects and assignments that cater to helping the students to identify who they are musically.